Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, suing Wendy Williams



Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, wants exactly $1 million dollars via Wendy Williams’ wallet for causing her a “lifetime of pain and suffering” by repeatedly dragging her name through the dirtiest piles of dirt on the world stage.


“Stress and depression” have been invited upon Dream Kardashian’s heavy-eyelashed grandma via the slick musings of the 53-year-old talk show host, according to Toni’s defamation of character, slander, and harassment lawsuit—which she filed earlier this month in Maryland.
Representing herself against Wendy—who recently found herself at the center of a scandal involving her husband/manager, Kevin Hunter, and his alleged mistress—Chyna’s mommy says, “I am highly depressed and my blood pressure is up,” in legal documents, obtained by TheBlast… And claims she repeatedly asked the deep-voiced daytime personality, via social media, to chill out on disrespected her and her family, to no avail.
“I have never been so humiliated and shamed in my entire life. I am a humanitarian!!!,” Toni exclaims in regards to the many times she’s been a victim of Wendy’s off-color commentary—most recently with Wendy Williams Show guest, Whitney Cummings.

Blac Chyna mom Wendy Williams
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“This crazy *ss woman made her whole caption about me!!!!?? You on Wendy Williams and yet your caption says “Tokyo!!! Oh yeah” ohhh ok ladies letzzz do it!! Yes both are totally obsessed *ss women with me my name etc?!,” Tokyo snapped in the comments section of Whitney’s post about her recent appearance on the Wendy  Show.
“They both call my name as if we f******! I am filing suit on @wendyshow/Producers/Everyone will get involved!! She has no PR to tell her to shut up??? Ok I will sh** ger up with this $1,000.000.00 lawsuit I’m putting in this morning! In Jesus Name it will be done!!!!,” Chyna’s mom continued.

In her suit, she adds that being constantly cast in a “negative light” by Wendy has caused her to lose sleep.. and has even affected her relationship, claiming it’s been “compromised” due to her “lies.”
To make matters worse, Toni claims she’s  had to tender her resignation as an Uber/Lyft driver, due to the “nasty irrational despicable things” Wendy’s said about her.
Towards the end of her filing, Toni emphasized the million dollar amount  she’s seeking in damages.
So far, Wendy has yet to respond to publicly sis’ lawsuits.
By : Asia Grace

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