Kevin Hart’s sex tape side piece shames him for using scandal in “Irresponsible” tour promo

Disgraced pop culture tastemaker, Kevin Hart, is being scolded by his sex tape partner for distastefully exploiting their publicized rendezvous behind his wife’s back in order to promote his upcoming comedy series…

While the 38-year-old Central Intelligence actor is busy lavishly celebrating the incoming arrival of his first baby with “rib” Eniko Parrish and preparing to add a few more million to his already over-stuffed bank account via the impending  Irresponsible tour, Montia Sabagg, the woman who claims to have had sex with the married funny man three times—their last encounter being caught on tape and used in a famously failed $15 million extortion scandal—during an August 2017 freak fest in Las Vegas is still enduring social media hacks, death threats, and slut-shaming.

On Tuesday, Kevin—who openly apologized to his expecting wifey and two children from a previous marriage ahead of his explosive cheating scandal—debuted a promo clip of his forthcoming showcase, in which the comedian satirically addressed his impetuous infidelities, including his romp with Montia and a separate lusty encounter with another woman in Miami.




Kevin Hart sex tape partner

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In response to the Laugh At My Pain performer’s embrace of his wrongdoings, Montia’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, says she and her 27-year-old client feel Kevin’s attempt to profit from their shared controversy is a total slap in the face, according to TMZ.

Deeming the tiny Hollywood heavyweight’s promo video “very distasteful,” Lisa—who’s also representing Blac Chyna and Usher Raymond’s herpes accusers in separate cases—shames Kevin for making light of the ordeal while Montia is left to weather the storm of public shame, alone.

“This stuff takes a toll mentally and physically, and now with this tour it’s like this whole thing was a joke,” the legal eagle says, adding that Montia will continue working with the authorities in order to finally finger the elusive extortionists who tried to get rich by selling their sex flick…

By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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