Wendy Williams tearfully explains on-air fainting spell: “I didn’t have a stroke”

“It was scary,” a tearful Wendy Williams admitted to fans on Wednesday in regards to her Halloween morning fall during the Wendy Williams Show’s live broadcast, yesterday.

Immediately addressing conspiracy theories that her spill was a stunt for ratings, Wendy said, “A lot of people thought that was a joke, me fainting on my set. No, that was not a joke, I don’t want to fall I’m a tall woman and it’s a long way down. I don’t do stunts and joke for you like that, I don’t need that,” on her show this morning.

She added, “I’m also a woman of a certain age and I don’t want to break anything,” before inferring that she’s going through a physical change most middle aged woman experience.

After undergoing a series of tests backstage, Wendy claims doctors discovered her faint came as a result of her running low  on electrolytes.

Luckily, the TV vixen says she neither had a stroke nor heart attack—despite online suspicions— and avoided breaking any bones or sustaining any injuries.

Wendy Williams faint

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Draped in glistening Statue Of Liberty green garb in celebration of spooky holiday, on Tuesday, daytime talk television’s most scandalous slick-talker took an ill tumble before introducing a special segment to her audiences.

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, after fading to black and then immediately cutting to commercial break, Wendy–who, in September, found herself at the center of Hollywood hell following an exposé alleging her husband’s extramarital affair with a 36-year-old New Jersey masseuse–rallied for the duration of her program, deeming herself a “champ,” and confirming that her fainting spell was “not a stunt.”

Later, the top-heavy on-air personality took to social media assuring fan she was “home and hydrating,” with plans to return to her show on Wednesday.

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Wendy also thanked her fans and staff for their love and support.

By : Asia Grace

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