Where’s The Moolah, Baby?: T-Pain suing Lil Wayne’s Young Money for outstanding royalties

Coins are the crux of a lawsuit between “Got Money” collaborators T-Pain and Lil Wayne as the auto-tune loving musician is suing Weezy’s record label to the tune of over $500,000 for back owed royalties. 

For his contributions to the Louisiana lyricist’s highly acclaimed Tha Carter III LP, the 32-year-old melodic founder of Nappy Boy Productions is seeking the more than half-million he claims Young Money owes him for producing his and Wayne’s smash single from the certified triple platinum 2008 album.  

T-Pain Lil Wayne
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Per legal docs, obtained by TMZ, in addition to collecting the pass due bags he earned for blessing “Got Money” with his talents, T-Pain also claims one of his artists, Young Fyre, produced Tha Carter IV track, “How To Hate
Based on the universal success of Lil Wayne’s work–with Tha Carter III selling 3.2 copies in the U.S., alone–the Tallahassee bred “I’m Sprung” singer doesn’t seem to be backing down in her request for bundles of bread via the self-crowned “Best Rapper Alive.”
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