5 reasons why we think these BEYONCE & JAY-Z WEDDING PICS ARE FAKE

MUVA AND FAVA Beyonce and Jay-Z released their wedding pictures via their televised HBO “ON the Run tour” special and honestly, THE PICTURES LOOK LIKE THEY ARE MADE FOR TV!

With a combination of Jay’s “Forever Young” and Bey’s “Halo” SERVING as  THE PROPER background music, the musical pair shared unseen moments of their 10 years together, including footage from their wedding. 

The quality of the photo and WEDDING is NOT GIVING US REAL. 

1. The photo/video-still looks SUPER PROFESSIONAL. while all the other photographs used int the OTR video have a home video realness..the quality of these pictures give us staged as opposed to a real life moment. 

2. The wedding venue looks THROWN together. As if a production crew quickly arranged it for the OTR montage….NOT AT ALL BEYONCE READY (It doesn’t even look Lil Moe ready)

3. It’d be nice if we could really make out/ recoginze one face in the crowd. you can just barely see 2 figures that can pass for Bey’s parents, other than that, NADA. No Solange, No Solange’s son, No Kelly, No Mitchell (but that’s expected), No Memphis Bleek (if he’s still alive). NO ASS BODY. 

4. Wouldnt they have chosen pics where either of them showed GENUINE EMOTION. WE KNOW not everyone cries at their wedding but WE ARE READING NOTHING AUTHENTIC (no excitement, no love, no real happiness, no kissing, no crying, no NOTHING)

5.  ARE WE BUGGING or does it look like there is a camera right behind the officiants head? HMMM. HMM. 

Though their marriage may be real, we have a STRONG (LIKE STRONG BLACK WOMAN) feeling that these marriage moments are PHONY. 


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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