50 Cent offers to pay Rick Ross’ baby mama a lump sum 

Looks like 50 Cent is ready to stop d**king around with the money he owes Rick Ross’ baby mama as he’s agreed to pay her a large lump sum out of the $7 million she won for his leaking of her sex tape…

After months of playing games and bankruptcy claims, the 40-year-old “Get Rich Or Die Trying” lyricist has offered to shell out $6,000,000 to Lastonia Leviston as a part of a proposed $23.4 million bankruptcy repayment plan.

50 Cent offers to pay Rick Ross' baby mama a lump sum
According to the details of his debt proposal, obtained by Bossip, Fiddy will gladly hand over the $6 million to Rozay’s BM within 30 days as long as she drops her $7 mili case against him. 
If the Hip-Hop honcho fails to line Lastonia’s pockets with the dough in the allotted amount of time, baby girl’s original claim will be reinstated. 

When it comes to having to pay his largest creditor, Sleek Audio, 5-0 will give the company $17.3 mil out of the $18.1 he owes… and in return, Sleek execs will assist the rapper in his $75 million malpractice suit against the lawyers who represented him in their case.

..And in effort to fully clean up his messy money problems, the Power frontman has proposed paying lump sums to nearly all those he in debt to including $1.2 million to ASCAP for a royalty advance and up to $3.9 million to SunTrust Bank..
As for his smaller creditors, 50 has 5 years to pay $1.3 million.. If he drops the COIN within a year, he’ll only have to cough up 75% of the claims..if he takes the whole 5 years, he’ll be required to pay 92%..
So far, the bankruptcy court judge presiding over the case has NOT signed off on the G-unit general’s plan…

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