A$AP Rocky says he did NOT SLAP female concert goer

A$AP Rocky says he is not HERE with the HANDS when it comes to the legal battle between him and a young woman who claims he SLAPPED THE LIVING SH*T out of her at the Made in America Festival in Philly.
The “Shabba Ranks,” rapper says he never LAID HANDS on concert goer, Lisamarie Wade and he wants all the impending case against him dismissed.
Lisamarie SPILLED saying the rapper was moving through the Made in America crowd when OUT OF NO WHERE he spun around and SLAPPED HER SILLY causing her to DROP.
The single mother filed suit for at least 75k in damages claiming that due to her injuries she was unable to “enjoy society with her minor child.”
GIRL BYE. You not being able to play a few rounds of, “Ring Around the GOTDAMN Rosey” with Jr. is not worth 75 STACKS.
Or better yet, LAY BACK DOWN in the spot where A$AP (may or may not have) HAD YOU STRETCHED.
She filed a private criminal complaint but withdrew it because she couldn’t find A$AP to serve him with the complaint.
On the night in question, $AP says he was, “attempting to move through the crowd after completing his set to observe the performance of another performer”  and that “a group of people aggressively moved towards” him while he was walking. We guess he is trying to pass the BUCK saying he and his crew were merely minding their business when a group a gangsters tried to BUCK. During said BUCK, shorty got SMACKED UP by someone, but NOT by him or a member of his team.Thus, the woman can’t blame him for anything that was done to her.
BYE BYE Lisamarie.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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