A$AP Rocky talks Rita Ora TOP game lyrics, Orgies on Acid, and more…[VIDEO] 



Today, A$AP Rocky took his talents to HOT 97 to discuss orgies, the lyrics he spit about Rita Ora’s TOP GAME, and more….



Just ten minutes into Rocky’s interview with “Ebro In The Morning,” show hosts, the 26-year-old “Pretty Flaco” rhymer spoke candidly about an orgy in which he SLAYED 9 women while tripping on acid.


Making it CLEAR AF that he is NOT new to the group sex life style A$AP said, “I’ve been handsome since birth, like all jokes aside.”


He continued, “You can ask around Harlem. I’m from Harlem and the Bronx, that’s like one borough if you want to get technical…everybody from Harlem and the Bronx–I’m just being honest man–if you was really out there and you was gettin a lot of girls and you was 18, you had a lot of sex partners, trust me.”


The star of new film “DOPE” told the radio show hosts he knows who he is and has NO SHAME about taking down a flock of “confident” heauxs if he so chooses….




Ebro and his co-hosts then laid into the rapper about verbally DRAGGING Rita Ora for her lackluster oral work in his song “Better Things.”


“You got to understand I say what I want,” $AP started after getting questioned about his lyrics.


As reported on Cheekywiki, the 26-year-old Harlem emcee SPIT, “I swear that b**** Rita Ora got a big mouth Next time I see her might curse the b**** out Kicked the b**** out once cause she b****ed out Spit my kids out, j***ed up all in her mouth and made the b**** bounce.”




While choppin it up on HOT, Rocky made it clear the Rita dissing track was OLD but he meant every word of his verse…


“I was in a relationship when I made that song. So I’m referring to trouble that that girl caused me. I’m being precise when I say she has…that girl talks a lot. And if no one in the world knows why I did that she knows why.”


In effort to DEAD any further rumors or talk of SHADE once and for all ASAP says, “Rita Ora I’m quite sure she’s a good person me and her had our differences. This album is not about bashing that girl or taking away from what she did. She does what she does and she’s an incredible artist for that.”


When he want clearing the air between him and the Black Widow singer or braggin on the b*tches he bags, Rocky also SPILLED about new album, spoke about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Chanel Iman, and left fans wondering if he did in fact SMASH Rihanna cakes on the low.



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