Afrika Bambaataa DENIES child molestation accusations [VIDEO]


“I ain’t touch this brother, whatsoever,” is Afrika Bambaataa’s story and he’s sticking to it as it pertains to the child molestation accusation being made against him…

As a number of men have now come forward claiming they were once sexually abused by Bambaataa, the 58-year-old heralded Hip-Hop pioneer continues to maintain his innocence. 


Afrika Bambaataa DENIES child molestation accusations  
While choppin it up with Fox5 news correspondent, Lisa Evers, the “Planet Rock” rapper vehemently denied molesting his chief accuser, Ronald Savage, or any other underage boy..

“I never abused nobody,” the sullied leader or the Zulu Nation spilled. “It sounds crazy for people to say that, ‘hey, you abused me.’ My thing is, you know all my people back then. You know the hundreds of people that been around me. You know, if something like that happened, why you never went to none of them?”

Afrika suggests that his alleged victims may be conspiring against him in a collective “shake up,” in attempt to tarnish his revered name or for their own personal gains..

Because the statue of limitations on alleged molestation(s) has been reached, there will be NO criminal charges made against the rap legend.  

There have NOT been any settlements or buyouts made from Bambaataa to his supposed victims,according to his legal rep…



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