Ain’t No Guilty, BIH: Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial ends in mistrial

Defamed funny man, Bill Cosby, will retain his status as a free civilian as his sexual assault trial has ended in a mistrial.



After months of tension building legal beef between the 79-year-old Fat Albert creator and his alleged rape victim, Andrea Constand– who along with over 50 other women accused Cosby of subjecting them to varying levels of sexual inappropriateness–jurors overseeing the case were reportedly unable to reach a verdict on any of the 3 sexual assault counts charged against him.


Bill Cosby mistrial
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The jury, comprised of seven men and five women, was said to have deliberated for more than 5 days and on Friday told the judge they were deadlocked.
And, according to TMZ, though hizzoner pressured jurors to reach a decision by not allowing them to call it quits until 9:30 PM… their 52 hour caucus–which was longer than the trial itself–neither rendered a guilty nor innocence conclusion.

At this point, the details of how the vote actually broke down have not been release.
However, prosecutors have announced that they will re-try the comedian in the future..

By : Asia Grace

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