Ain’t No Lawsuit, BIH: Kanye West claps back at class-action suit over  “TLOP” 



The big-mad Gold Diggers on the hunt for Kanye West’s doubloons–in retaliation over the mass accessibility of his The Life Of Pablo album–can all kick rocks if you let the “Father Stretch My Hands” rapper tell it, as he points to his Twitter account as proof he did NOT lie about Tidal’s exclusive release of the controversial LP.



After months of virtual silence, Jay-Z’s 40-year-old estranged ace boon coon is finally clapping back at the class-action lawsuit filed against him via a collection of pissed off Hip-Hop Heads who believe Yeezy tricked them into joining HOV’s once-struggly streaming service by promising that his highly acclaimed 2016 effort would solely be attainable by Tidal subscribers… An assertion which no longer holds water as the project is now available on multiple streaming platforms and Kanye’s website.
In the suit lead up by complainant, Justin Baker-Rhett, fans charge Ye–who, in February 2016, tweeted, “My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal”– with lying about TLOP‘s exclusivity in order to finesse a cool $84 million out of 2 million new Tidal users eager for listens of his latest heat.
Per the legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Justin feels like he and other fans who laid out that $9.99 subscription fee were tricked into “paying for Tidal’s rescue” and demands Kanye and the streaming service pay him and his fellow disgruntled suers an undisclosed amount in damages.


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Chicago’s “Famous” flowing representative has responded to the lawsuit claiming that after he initially released Pablo, numerous changes were made to the album… And the adaptations now available on competing streaming services are different than the original version–still specifically accessible via Tidal.
According to TMZ, North and Saint West’s daddy also maintains that a tweet from March 2016, in which he refers to TLOP as a “living breathing changing creative expression,” proves that he’s done NO wrong to his whining fans.

He wants the lawsuit dismissed.

By : Asia Grace

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