Amber and Wiz BLAME one another


The news of the divorce of MUVA Amber Rose and FAVA Wiz Khalifa broke on Wednsday Sept 24 and here it’s is Sept 25 AND SH*T is already OD MESSY.
According to TMZ, Amber Rose has filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa because she’s convinced he’s been a serial cheater for months … making TIRED excuses that just HOLD NO MERIT.


Sources say MUVA’s intuition has cause her to be suspicious of Wiz and his wandering private parts ever since the beginning of his tour in July.
The site says,”Amber’s telling friends … she wanted to join Wiz on the tour but he came up with a panoply of excuses, the most frequent of which … she should stay home with their 1-year-old.”
Ambs has also claimed that Wiz tried to show his DOMINANCE by telling her he’s the bread winner and he needed to be LEFT ALONE to make money and she needed to stay home.
On the other hand, Wiz believes Amber was BOUNCING on Nick Cannon, and she’s throwing hella allegations against him as a cover for her own SHADY VAGINAL HABITS.
FAVA Wiz has complained privately MUVA Amber is bumping her gums all over the place.


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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