Amber Rose says grinding on Chris Brown was PETTY; talks PlasticSurgery rumors, how she likes her SEX and more

Amber Rose, says grinding her NOT SO FAKE cakes on Chris Brown was her “PETTY,” comeback at ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa. 
Today, MUVA rosebud SPILLED GUTS to Hot97’s Ebro In the Morning crew about her heartbreaking divorce, her REAL hefty donkey booty, and her sex and dating life. 
“I sat in the house and cried for 4 months. Every day,” Amber SHARED with radio listeners. “When I woke up. Went to bed. Cried and cried. Wiz was the love of my life and he broke my heart.”


Throughout their divorce, the VIXEN turned Housewife turned back VIXEN, was extremely open about wanting her and her “Black & Yellow” hubby to work things out. Once she realized that Wiz had moved, Amber turned to clubs and parties for comfort. 
When asked why she decided to publicly BOUNCE her BOOTY on Chris Brown’s crotch in December of last year MUVA claims she was trying to CLAP BACK at Khalifa for dating other girls after their split.


“[I was] Being petty cuz I was hurt over my husband,” she shared. “My husband has been out with 50 different women, pulling sweaty white bitches out the club. And all these other girls. And not only was I in the house crying every day mourning my husband. I had to see that….And I’m in the house.”
Despite acknowledging that shaking her BUTT on Breezy was petty, Ambs will NOT apologize for showing off her CAKES as she continues her post-divorce TURN UP. 
After she SMASHED the Internet to pieces with her one-piece string bikini  during her vacay in Miami, the hood speculated that Amber had gotten some WORK done on her TWERK BUNS. 

To those rumors the 32-year-old mother says, “I’ve seen the before and after photos that you’re referring to. And I’ll tell you, the before pictures — I was a buck, twenty (120). I’m a buck, sixty now (160)….I don’t have implants. My body is bigger….I did not get plastic surgery…It’s been two years I’ve been tryna work on my body and do it the natural way.”

As far as actual SMASHING is concerned, it doesn’t sound like Amber Rose is doing the grown up with anyone without a certain level of status. 

She SERVED to the radio show hosts that she only wants to deal with celebrity men because regular ass guys would NOT understand her lifestyle. 
Amber even SPILLED TEA on what her next celebrity BAE can expect in bed…
Not just on top. It’s gonna be all over the room. It’s gonna be everywhere. It’s gonna be passionate. It’s gonna be a lot of kissing. I talk that talk,” she say. 
 “I don’t want nothing in my a**. That’s the only thing I don’t want. Other than that, it’s all good.”


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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