Amber Rose talks taking a knee, calls Trump a “d**k,” says FLOTUS is in a “horrible situation”


While stomping out slut-shaming, gender inequality, and sexual abuse at the third annual Amber Rose Slut Walk, MUVA Rosebud expressed her not-so-rosie feelings about Donald Trump, shared her stance on taking a knee against social injustice, and openly pledged to support Melania Trump if/when the First Lady chooses to chuck the deuces at the nation’s “grab them by the p***y”’promoting president.

“There are so many inequality issues we deal with as women,” Amber said on the pink carpet of her female empowerment movement in downtown LA on Sunday. “Sexism is real. Rape culture is real. Derogatory labels are real. There are girls killing themselves, dripping out of school, and not wanting to deal with life anymore just because of this extreme form of bullying.”

Shaming the head-azz leader of the free world for his many sins against women, MUVA said, “Donald Trump, he comes up and he grabs us by the p***y, who do you call? Do you call 911? Do you tell a police officer in your district? Do you try to call the White House? Who do you talk to? No one is going to believe you cause it’s Donald Trump. All they’re going to do is scrutinize you and say that you just want money. Same thing they’re doing to Bill Cosby’s victims.”

Amber—whose rap boyfriend, 21 Savage, proudly carried an “I’m a hoe too” sign as he marched the streets of Los Angeles alongside the blonde-headed beauty in support of her cause—continued “So me, Lisa Bloom, Blac Chyna, and every woman out here are giving women a voice that they didn’t have before.”

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As rays from the beaming California sun danced upon the pink glitter pieces of her customized “Captain Save A Hoe” cape, the 33-year-old ex-stripper turned activist vowed to proudly stand with the FLOTUS upon her decision to walk away from her presumably troubled marriage to the misogynistic Head-Of-State.

“She is in such a horrible situation. I feel like she’s stuck. I feel like she married a guy that she maybe once loved years ago and realized [now] he’s a complete d**k, and she wants to get out of the situation but she can’t because she’s married to the president of the United States,” Amber served. “I am telling her that she can. Me, my fans the Rosebuds, all the feminists in the world, the male feminists, my gay feminists we will support her 100 percent.”


When asked if women should take a knee—a demonstration more recently popularized by NFL player, Colin Kaepernick, who’s famously inspired a number of professional athletes to refuse to stand for America’s National Anthem in protest of police brutality—against the injustices visited upon their gender, while naked, Amber replied, “There are many different ways to protest, we just walked almost a full mile. So, you can take a knee, you can walk a mile, you can change the environment in your own neighborhood or within your family if you just constantly speak up and don’t be ashamed about being a sexual being and being a woman.”

She added, “You’re going to take a lot of scrutiny and a lot of punches, like I do, but you do it for greater cause.”


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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