Ariana Grande PISSED Big Sean rapped about her “billion dollar” GOODIES


Sources SPILL claiming the real reason Ariana Grande was ready to DIP out of her relationship with Big Sean was because he freely spoke about her poppin POOM POOM on one of his tracks.

Apparently, the 21-year-old “One less problem” singer was NOT here for her former man’s lyrics on the song “Stay Down,” in which he says, “I ain’t even gonna lie, I got a million dollar chick With a billion dollar p****y Every time I c*m, I swear to God I feel like I be rich.”

According to TMZ, “Ariana felt humiliated because Sean was treating her like a piece of meat,” they SPILL. “Ariana’s grandmother came to her and asked about the lyrics, which was especially embarrassing.”


In addition to the embarrassing pricey p**** prattle, Ariana was reportedly SICK of putting up the COIN for her and Sean’s dates, vacays, and private jets. 


As reported on Cheekywiki, the “Clique,” rhymer allegedly DUMPED Ariana because she was “immature,” “selfish,” and supposedly staged the inappropriate Justin Bieber scene to PISS OFF Big Sean. 

But, Ari’s peeps SPILL that HE was the self absorbed one and SWEAR she didn’t ask J. Bieb to rub his (you know what) on her back during their performance of “Love Me Harder.”

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