Arrest warrant issued on Fetty Wap for threatening to BEAT his baby mama


It might be a wrap for “Trap Queen” rapper, Fetty Wap, as he is allegedly WANTED by police for threatening to BEAT the breaks off of his baby mama…



On Halloween, things got pretty spooky between the 25-year-old New Jersey native and his BM, Lezhae, a fight between them went viral on social media. 

In the videos of their verbal brawl–posted by Lez Lez–Fetty is seen threatening to “kick her a**” and shoot up a location she frequents due to comments she made about him as a father in a recent interview. 

 Arrest warrant issued for Fetty Wap for threatening to BEAT his baby mama  


While the former lovers exchanged obscenities in front of Lezhae’s grandmother’s home in Paterson, their 9 month old baby girl witnessed the entire fight. 


Following the broadcasting of the incident, Fetty took to his Twitter saying, “End of the day I ain’t see my daughter In a month so yea I was upset , Sh** happens when ppl wanna be famous.”


According to Lezhae, the “My Way” crooner’s recount of the last month is as messed up as his eye is because she replied to his tweet with, “Yo n*ggas is really some liars, you ain’t see your daughter in a month cause you did not ask. You had your sister reach out to me and ask if she can pick her up so that you can see her and I told her that the baby was out with my mother. You nor anyone else has ever asked me again about seeing her. No matter what ever happened between me and you, I never denied you access to see Eliza .. Stop trynna make it seem like I’m a bitter b*tch who don’t let you be involved in Eliza’s life.”


And now it seems Fetty’s baby mama problems have multiplied by 679 as the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office has reportedly used a WARRANT out for his arrest for threatening Lezhae’s life, according to 

No word on whether or not the rapper is in real danger of getting arrested, but we’re hoping he and his BM can resolve their issues… For their daughter’s sake. 


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