August Alsina PASSES OUT during NYC Concert

August Alsina is being hospitalized after collapsing on stage during a show in New York City.
Sources say, the 22 year-old singer was performing his hit, “Numb,” at the Irving Plaza as part of The Testimony tour, when he fainted and fell off the stage.
Luckily, the concert personnel acted quickly, and carried him away as confused fans watched in confusion.
Concertgoers immediately took to Twitter:
According to one of his fans, he mentioned earlier in the day that he hadn’t had a chance to eat, which may be the reason he collapsed. 


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Fans are optimistic and believe Alsina will make a full recovery and resume hit tour.
 Once the tour is over, he is scheduled to hit the road with Usher in November.
FAVA’s work is never done. But August def need to take some time out to rest AND eat!

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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