August Alsina SPILLS on Man Crush nod from Perez Hilton, biting a VAGINA, and almost going blind [AUDIO]  


NYC’s “The Breakfast Club” recently caught up with “No Love,” singer August Alsina in Detroit’s Big Show @ the Joe, where he gave DROP on getting hit on by celeb blogger Perez Hilton, confirmed if he really bit a woman’s vagina, and SPILLED the details of his diminishing eyesight.




The 22-year-old “sensitive” Louisiana native kicked off his convo with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee by talking about his reaction to Perez Hilton complimenting his smile and making him his “Man Crush” on social media, a few weeks ago.


When asked how he felt about the blogger’s endorsement increasing his fame August said, “Hey, you know what I don’t understand that. Like what is that about? How does that make you more of a star?”


He continued, “There is no other way to react. You feel how you feel I cannot stop you from that. Yeah, I do look good. Yeah, I do have a nice smile, God gave me that. Thank you brother, you noticed. He actually did say something like keep making those great tunes. It is cool that what I do can translate.”



Though getting hit on by an openly gay man may have added fuel to the fiery rumors that August is a homosexual, the Breakfast Club hosts couldn’t resist asking him about his alleged VAGINA BITTING scandal that made headlines in 2014….


In response to questions about an unnamed woman who tried suing the “Numb,” crooner for tearing up her privates with his teeth and extra large EGGPLANT he said, “You know what’s crazy? You try to leave things in your past they follow you everywhere you go and the thing is that people believe whatever they want to believe.”


The singer went on to say, “I never said I did or didn’t do that. I did not deny it or confirm it. People just take what they want to take and run with it. If you like it, I love it.”





Speaking of his malfunctioning body parts, August opened up about discovering he had a disease that effected his vision and nearly dodging permanent blindness…


“Basically my eyesight was just diminishing,” he said when asked if he was going blind.


“People always find a way to I guess confuse some things. It really is levels to this blind thing. I guess when some people seen it and from the way that the picture looks I can understand why. In my recovering days, I never felt anything like that. It really scared me and put me in check. It made me realize that I need to be thankful for my vision. I think a lot of times we wake up and it is just so natural. We wake up we get out of bed we walk, we see and I think that we take that for granted and we do not really realize how important it is until it is gone.”


He continued, “Something had always been wrong for a while but I just stopped one day because I just could not see when I was driving. So I stopped at this eyeglass place or whatever and he told me that I have this disease…Basically if I would have waited any longer to get the procedure done I probably would be walking around with a cane. They told me thank god that you did get in here and get it checked out early. If I was still August before in the hood who did not have the means to get my vision fixed or be in the doctor that would be it because everybody do not have that type of money man.”



In his interview, August also SPILLED on his relationship with Young Thug, shared his thoughts on why people are just now finding out about his music, and told the world why they shouldn’t HATE on him….




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