Azealia Banks reveals she suffered a miscarriage


After mercilessly gathering up rap master, Nicki Minaj, by the wefts of her wig via a since-deleted Facebook post this morning, “The Big Big Beat” rhymer, Azealia Banks, revealed that she recently suffered a miscarriage.


“So I’ve just had a really major life event happen and I want to talk about it because this wouldn’t be an Azealia Banks page without loads of oversharing right?,” the Harlem World U.S.A. representative said at the top of her confessional FB post, today. 


“Anywho, I’ve just had a miscarriage and am pretty taken aback by it all and really confused and in shock and guilty and a bit depressed and like a failure and and very ashamed,” she admitted in her heartfelt message to the masses–which has now also been deleted from her social media account. “The self-loathing bit is a real struggle for me at the moment so share any words here They will be greatly appreciated.”


Azealia Banks


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Azealia went on to express the myriad of emotions she’s experienced since the devastating loss of her unborn child. 

“I feel really stupid because I think I’m so big and bad an in control and In this situation I’m so powerless and when I first saw the embryo I felt this full spirit around me and was looking down at this little bean in horror/amazement and now I just can’t NOT have an awareness of this person and wont stop feeling like any and everything I’ve ever done in my life or want to do is pointless,” the rapper lamented. 
So far, MUVA Banks has not given drop on how far along she was in her pregnancy at the time of her miscarriage, who fathered her baby, or if she plans on trying to reproduce again in the near or far future. 

Our prayers are with you, boo…

By : Asia Grace     

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