Azealia Banks wants to press charges against Russell Crowe; calls RZA a “cornball”

If you’d hoped that the beef betwixt Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe would gradually die-down into a dull him of nothingness, you couldn’t have been more wrong…
Mess has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to the drama stemming from Azealia’s claims she was chocked, spat on, and called a n***er by the 52-year-old Golden Globe winner during a dinner party he hosted in a Beverley Hills hotel on Saturday. 

Yesterday, Hip-Hop honcho, RZA–who invited the 25-year-old “Jumanji” spitter as his plus one guest to Russell’s small soiree– hopped on Facebook damning Banks for being overly “loud and obnoxious,” insulting the other partygoers, and threatening to cut a woman with glass before the Hollywood heavyweight physically removed Azealia from the room…
In his social media manifesto, RZA also explained that he happily did all he could to further Azealia’s struggling status in the entertainment industry due to her messy “social media behavior” by offering her a role in his film, CoCo, and hooking her up with a friend who considered giving her a record deal…

Azealia banks

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In response to the “1-800 Suicide” rhymer’s lengthy post about her allegedly reprehensible behavior, Azealia took to her own Facebook page to post her take on the now soured relationship she once shared with RZA and her truth about what with down between herself and Mr. Crowe…


“Ok so, do you guys all know that this ‘friend’ Rza speaks of insisted we cut rza out of the deal and continue on with my record deal?” she wrote after accusing the music heavyweight of suffering from brain damage due to “years of smoking dust.”
She added, “My record deal is still on the table…. RZA is just getting cut out of it for being a cornball.”


As for her role in the scuffle with Russell, Azealia admitted to calling him “old and fat” at the dinner party but says she did so only after he trolled the quality of her music videos..


“The absolute god honest truth is that Russell bagged on my music videos, saying he could shoot them better on an iPhone,” the rapper spilled. “I docked it in my mental Rolodex and got him back for it when the time to roast him presented itself again. I told him he was old and fat, the entire room gasped and THAT was when I became a target.”


Azealia BanksAzealia banksAzealia BanksAzealia Banks
Azealia Banks


Though the jury is still out on whether or not Russell assaulted Azealia during his jammy, the “Ice Princess” lyricist has stated that she is definitely pressing charges against him…

Azealia Banks


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