BM Blues: Blac Chyna feels Tyga & Rob Kardashian are double-teaming her for filth



All is fair in love and child support checks. Unless of course, you’re Blac Chyna, who is said to feel that her high-rolling baby daddies have partnered up against her in order to sully her good name in these Calabasas streets..

Tag-teaming, in a certain setting, may be fun AF…But for the super-voluptuous 28-year-old mother of two, getting screwed over money and misinterpreted messages by Tyga and Rob Kardashian at the same damn time is apparently everything BUT pleasurable..
On the heels of her Wednesday morning meltdown, during which she called the “Rack City” rhyming father of her son, King Cairo, a “b****” and a “f**” for failing to properly provide sufficient funds for the four-year-old and for wrongfully thinking she wanted to rekindle their long-deaded romance, sources connected to Chyna claim she’s doubly pissed because T-Raww has allegedly befriended Rob–the daddy of Chyna’s infant daughter/ sometimes fiancé– and together, they’re running her reputation in the mud..


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Incapable of holding water insiders spill to TMZ claiming that when Chy-Chy reached out to Tyga about paying King’s nanny, the “Do My Dance” spitter misread her correspondence for more than a conversation about co-parenting… and his suspicions were gassed by confirmation from Rob–who’s currently on a break from the on-again-off-again relationship he has with the social media slayer..
Thus, in her Snap tirade, Dream Kardashian’s bootylicious mommy said “So go tell Kylie [Jenner] and Rob [Kardashian]! About our son Account! Cause that’s the only reason I’m contacting your f** a**! But u wanna make it like I want u lol! Tyga ur a b****!”
Obviously the newly formed alliance between her 29-year-old reality TV starring sweetheart and her G.O.O.D. Music rapping ex is rubbing Chyna allllll the wrong ways…
No telling how this entire mess is going to be resolved…we just hope the nanny gets her deserved COINNNNNNNNS..
By : Asia Grace

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