Bags Please: Mary J. Blige’s estranged hubby demands $110K a month in spousal support


It’s cheaper to keep her… 

Or in soon-to-be divorced Mary J. Bilge’s case, it would have been a bargain to keep “him” as her estranged husband, Kendu Isaacs, is demanding over $100,000 a month in temporary spousal support coins from the Dancery stepping R&B diva…


Unfortunately for everybody’s favorite “Not Gonna Cry” crooning play auntie–who filed for divorce from her 49-year-old former hubby/manager after 12 years of marriage back in July– it looks like she might soon be shedding a few tears over the seriously substantial sum her ex is gunning for amidst the impending termination of their holy matrimony…


In newly issued legal documents, obtained by TheDailyMail, Kendu requests Mary bless his bank accounts with $110K twelve times a year in order to help cover his many expenses including: the $5,000 a month he spends to support his parents, $4,971 for his two children from a past relationship, $1,200 he pays on eating out and the $60,000 in rent he owes to several properties. 


His Los Angeles Superior Court filings go on to ask MJB to contribute towards the nearly $2,500 he blows on auto expenses and transportation, $5,708 for a housekeeper and maintenance on his properties and another $1,723 on groceries.



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To substantiate his pie in the sky demands on the “What’s the 411” singer’s pocketbook, Kendu–who purports to have made approximately $46K/mo. plus 10% commission during his decade long tenure as Mary’s manager–claims his financial situation has “changed significantly in the last 12 months,” as his nine-time Grammy award winning ex has left him “no source of income.”
Furthering his plight, homeboy’s documents say he needs the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul to temporarily cover his expenses because he “can’t get a job in entertainment” partly due to her overly candid approach to their break-up in the media… 
And though Mary and her ex-boo inked a prenuptial agreement–which waives his right to spousal support– just two days before they were married in December 2003, Kendu is now claiming the papers are invalid as he did not understand what he was signing nor did he have a legal rep with him at the time of submitting his signature. 

A hearing in over the former couple’s prenuptial agreement mess is scheduled for July 11, 2017.

So far, Mary has yet to openly comment of Kendu’s out-of-control attempts on her fortune..

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