Steve Harvey sued in $20M fundraising deal; allegedly blames Oprah & Tyler Perry for money probs

B****h Better Have My Money,” appears to be the most appropriate theme song for Steve Harvey’s latest legal mess…

As the disgraced comedian is being sued for allegedly stiffing an ex-worker, who claims the joker failed to paying him a hefty sum, and blamed Oprah Winfrey for his financial misfortunes.


Still drudging through the sludge of shade and shame cast upon him following his ill-advised meeting with Donald Trump, the 60-year-old FamilyFeud host is now at the center of a lawsuit, filed by a former fundraising employee for reneging on a $20 million payment deal.

Per courtroom docs, obtained by TMZ, Vincent Dimmock, purports to have been hired by the bald headed comedian, in April, to raise $20 mil for the Steve and Marjorie Foundation, with the promise he’d receive 12.5% of the profits.


With access to high-level executives, the littiest of A-list celebrities and political figures—including a former President—ol’ boy claims he held up his end of the bargain, getting pledges for the $20Ms.

However, in Vincent’s suit, he says after he delivered on the first million, Steve Harvey refused to pay him his commission.


Steve Harvey lawsuit

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Homie charges the Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man author with never intending to pay him, and alleges the mustachioed TV personality maliciously scapegoated a number of Hollywood heavyweights for his money woes and personal failures.

Vincent claims he introduced Steve to an investor in May, and during their meeting the fallen funny guy allegedly disparaged women, trolled the likes of Oprah and Tyler Perry for giving him bad financial advice, and blamed Barack Obama’s for his own “disastrous meeting with Donald Trump.”

The complainant says the sunken talk show host and his foundation were in bad financial shape because of a series of P.R. f**k ups—including his mocking Asian men and meeting with the pumpkin pie-faced POTUS.

In response to the suit, Steve’s agent, Todd Frank, released s statement saying, “It sounds fake. Steve is the most loyal guy in the world. I’ve never been stiffed on a commission from Steve Harvey in 21 years.”



By: Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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