Balding Becky: Mary J. Blige blasts Kendu Isaac’s alleged “Becky w/ the good hair” side-chick

The husband-humping “Becky with the good hair,” responsible for the destruction of Mary J. Blige’s 12-year-long marriage to estranged hubby/manager, Kendu Issacs, would be wise to tighten her wig clips as the R&B singer is calling the guilty mistress out for FILTH in her new documentary…
On Tuesday, ride or die fans  of  the 46-Year-old “Not Gonna Cry,” chanteuse watched as their fave let it be known she believes Kendu–who’s petitioned the courts for over $100K a month in spousal support in the months since MJB filed for divorce– carried on an extramarital affair with a woman that sources have fingered as Mary’s former label signee, Starshell…

In recently debuted doc, Strength Of A Woman, which premiered on VH1, the heartbroken “No More Drama” songstress made it clear she’s NOT AT ALL here for burying the hatchet between her and the “Becky” that messily bumped uglies with her boo… 
Mary J Blige Becky with the good hair
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“All these years have come to this, like [Kendu] didn’t even pick me,” said Mary lamented to singer/songwriter, Ne-Yo, during a studio session. “You picked somebody else. That s*** is humiliating. It hurt real bad.”
The Yonkers native added, “Do you know (bleeped out name) [Starshell]? Just so we’re clear, do not let her anywhere near what you’re doing for me, because she’s the reason for all of this s ***. That’s my Becky with the good hair!”

In light of her name getting dragged through hell-fire for her alleged involvement in Mary’s break-up, a college friend of Strashell’s told PageSix, “She’s not remorseful. She’s just a poor girl from [outside of] Boston who slept her way to the middle.”

Starshell reportedly denied any allegations in the documentary saying, “This is absolutely not true.”
So far, Kendu has NOT openly commented on Mary’s accusations..
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