Banks or Bankrupt??: Azealia Banks sued for $137K in unpaid credit card bills


Apparently, Broke With Expensive Taste creator, Azealia Banks, could have left the “with expensive taste” off of her debut album’s title as the Harlem reppin’ lyricist is being sued for allegedly owing bags on bags on bags in credit card debt…


Instead of brutally sacrificing live chicken’s in her closet, the witch-craft practicing 26-year-old might have considered using her free time attending to her financial obligations as City National Bank is now dragging her rapping azz to court to the tune of $137,000 for missing payments on two credit cards and a personal line of credit.
According to the Manhattan Supreme Court suit, obtained by PageSix, Azealia– who, in March, copped to third-degree assault for biting the breast of a New York City club bounce– signed up for a Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card with the financial institution back in 2012 and was making payments on the plastic until December 2016, when she began falling behind.
The “212” spitter is said to owe approximately $79,000 on that card.


Azealia Banks credit card debt
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Then in May 2015, City National gave Azealia a second Visa card, on which she reportedly stopped making payments later that year and has now racked up a balance of nearly $8,000.
Per the legal docs, the ever-brazen New York native also owes over $50,000 for a personal line of credit from 2016…
As if her money woes weren’t bad enough, the non-platinum selling artist still faces criminal assault charges for allegedly sinking her teeth into the door-lady’s tittie back in 2015..

By : Asia Grace

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