BBHMM: Tupac Shakur’s estate sued for royalties by 90s R&B singer



Thanks to a newly filed lawsuit against the late TuPac Shakur’s estate over a 24-year-old collaboration, its become painstakingly obvious…”they” don’t want Thug Life to Rest In Peace **DJ Khaled voice**….




On the heels of the mildly-received Pac biopic, All Eyez On Me, a 90s R&B singer’s eyes have turned bloodshot red with fury over being stiffed on payments she alleges the West Coast representative owed her for contributing her vocals to his track, “Bury Me A G.”
In the suit, obtained by TMZ, former Y?N-Vee girl group member, Natasha Walker–who slayed backup vocals on the Tupac classic in question… and even has a credit on the joint– says she and the “Changes” emcee made a deal in ’93 that their song would be a collaborative effort and she’d have equal ownership.



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Apparently, ol’ girl was hit with the “gotcha gotcha” as she claims she’s yet to receive even the tiniest bag for lending her melodic talents to Pac’s project…
Problem is: It’s 2017 and the statute of limitations for contract claims in California is just 4 years.

Natasha’s attorney, Jennifer Harris, reportedly believes that because the song has made Shakur’s estate hella coin over the past two decades and will continue to be a lucrative source of income in the foreseeable future…her client has every right to demand the dough she’s owed… 
Homegirl wants all royalties, back and current, plus damages and attorney’s fees.
At this point, Pac’s estate has yet to openly comment on Natasha’s lawsuit…


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