Beanie Sigel knocked out by Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers crew member [VIDEO] 



Hip-Hop’s infamous Broad Street Bully was said to be a victim of some major bullying at the hands of one of Meek Mill’s homeboys during Diddy’s Bad Boy Reunion Tour stop in Philadelphia on Friday…


The Philly cheesesteak BEEF between The Game and Meek has intensified to a new level of messsssssy as rapper Beanie Sigel allegedly got KNOCKED TF OUT by Dreamchasers representative, Teefy Bey…


beanie sigel
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According to a SnapChat video, obtained by TMZ, Beans–who made the fatal mistake of revealing that the “Im A Boss” rhymer asked him to “help” write the lyrics to his Game diss track, “Ooouuu”– had to be picked up off the ground after Teefy served him a KO punch…

Later, the bout’ it bout it’ Dreamchaser copped to two piecing the “Feel It In The Air” spitter and said that he got hit for breaking the “code of ethics on the street.”

“He backdoored n**gas with Game and them, telling n**gas information that only the camp know,” Teefy said in the with HipHopSince1987. “And not the information that you wrote something, because you didn’t. The information was more worse than that, for the people. And then some other sh** came into play that I don’t wanna talk about.”


So far, Beanie has not commented on getting his clocked cleaned..
By : Asia Grace

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