R. Kelly reportedly showers “cult” girls w/ luxuries; abuse like “Stockholm Syndrome”


R. Kelly, to us, but “daddy” to his alleged cult captives, is said to be guilty of manipulating his locked-up ladies by lavishing them with luxuries the average woman would kill for… If you let a family member of one of his concubines tell it.



As the legendary “Your Body’s Calling Me” crooner continues being called out for supposedly holding six women in an abusive sex ring, loose-lipped insiders claim the 50-year-old R&B staple blesses the members of his harem with such extravagant gifts and treats, that they never want to leave his side…

Sources related to one of Kells’ 21-year-old detainees–not aspiring singer, Joycelyn Savage–tell TMZ the young lady agreed to move in with the “Snake” singer approximately six months after making his acquaintance during a post-concert meet and greet…
Despite claims the Grammy Award winning “I Believe I Can Fly” vocalist denies his band of baddies–all of whom are said to be above the age of consent– the freedom to autonomously leave either of his Georgia or Illinois based residences, the blabbermouth messengers say their captive kin has flown out-of-state, unaccompanied to visit family… Spending no longer than a week away from R. Kelly, who she refers to as “her man.”


R. Kelly cult
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Chatty Patties say the step-dancing Pied Piper spoils his “babies” with trips to Beverly Hills for shopping sprees and also “showers” them with high-priced handbags, lingerie, shoes and spa days.  
One family member reportedly believes R has a “calculating, methodical process to groom naive girls” …And confirmed that the “Feeling On Your Booty” boomer does indeed confiscate the cell phones of all his housed honeys as well as subject them to psychological abuse to make the girils fully reliant on him.
A woman who was formerly a part of R. Kelly’s inner circle compared his pattern of physical, psychological, and sexual manipulation to Stockholm Syndrome, in an interview with Jezebel, this week. 
“When we’re out we’re not allowed to look at anyone,” R’s unidentified former flunky said. “We have to keep our heads down. If we’re back in his studio sitting on the couches and he has friends across the room at the bar we can’t look at each other or communicate with each other[…] He’s very controlling and manipulative. He likes to be in control.”
Kells’ ex-captive, described as a white woman in her mid-20s added, “All these girls just dote on him. It’s so f**ked up. They’re completely manipulated and brainwashed.”
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