Benzino calls Amber Rose  an “uneducated hypocritical fool” who “sucked” her way to success


Amber Rose has made a new foe out of former Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta star, Benzino, as the little necked rapper just came for her entire soul via Instagram. 
On October 1, every sultry slut and half-naked hoe on this side of heaven was tuned in as the 32-year-old “How Toe Be A Bad B****,” author twerked her enormous cheeks at the commencement of her annual SlutWalk L.A. 
While the women’s empowerment event– meant to educate and raise awareness to issues of slut shaming, victim blaming and many other forms of bullying–was met with a great deal of positivity, Benzino hopped on IG slamming MUVA for shamelessly putting herself and other females on display…
“Thank god my 19-year-old daughter doesn’t follow this garbage,” the 51-year-old Hip Hop Weekly founder wrote in a caption damming the SlutWalk . “Thank God she has parents to guide her from the B.S.”

“This has nothing to do with rape,” he later said in a video posted to The Gram . “This is basically embracing that it’s okay for [women] to sleep with a thousand men and [they] should be held to the same standard men are… I got a daughter and she not falling for it so I could give a f– about how any of y’all think about what I’m saying.”


Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

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After Ambs summarily dropped an online CLAP BACK response at her ex-LHHATL starring detractor–in which she said, ” Hey [Benzino] one day someone will call ur daughter a slut, hoe, whore etc for no reason at all besides the fact that she’s beautiful, confident, possibly if she wears something sexy and or God forbid gets sexually assaulted (victim blamed),”– she continued jawing about her Benzino beef during her podcast, LoveLine, on Friday. 

Throughout the show, MUVA Rosebud made it clear that she is NOT a role model but rather a stand for women who’ve been victimized in a misogynistic society. 
She also shamed the “Rock The Party” rapper for failing to do his research the history of SlutWalks and mentioned that his baby mama, Althea Heart, was a welcomed attended at her event this past Saturday.   

“His baby’s mom was there with his son,” Amber said. “She came to support because she’s a woman. S–, having a baby with a man like that, I’m sure she’s deal with so much slut shamaing and ridicule and I was so happy to see her face there.”


Immediately following the her statements, an unbridled Benzino went on an Instagram rant in which he called the Vh1 sex talk show host an “Uneducated hypocritical fool” who only gained her success through performing fellatio on prominent men in the industry…



So far, Amber has yet to respond to Benzino’s messy post….but if we know MUVA… She’s about to digitally SNAP what little neck Benzino has in half..



By : Asia Grace  

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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