BEY and JAY SHUT DOWN Global Citizens Festival 2014




MUVA BEYONCE SERVED SURPRISE as she made a guest appearance at the Global Citizens Festival held at Central Park on Sept. 27.

Towards the end of HOV’s set at the concert geared towards eradicating extreme poverty by the year 2030, FAVA brought Bey onstage and the two GAVE THE AUDIENCE LIFE in their rendition of Jay’s 2013 hit, “Holy Grail.” 
Bitches watching the concert from home raised their drawn-on  EYEBROWS due to Jay’s uncensored material. Some ASS body over at the TV network the on which concert aired must have been ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH because Jigga spit the UNEDITED version of his songs with every “BITCH,” “N**A,” and “F**K” booming from the events sounds system and broadcasting on live TV.
It’s been reported that Jay Z used the local setting of the city to demonstrate THAT ANY GOAL can be REACHED despite negativity and early onset disadvantages. After an intro of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” and Frank Sinatra’s take on “New York, New York,” he DID HIS THING with his own version of “Empire State Of Mind.” s. If that wasn’t enough he also spit “Izzo,” “Big Pimpin,’” “99 Problems” and “On To The Next One.”
2-year-old Blue Ivy’s parents ended the six-hour event with “Forever Young,” SERVING concert goers and viewers at home HOPE for a better tomorrow. 
But what can be better than seeing BEY?

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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