Birdman talks Charlamagne, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and Lil Wayne


In the most hilarious way possible  Hip-Hop mogul, Birdman, demanded Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club hosts, Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, put some “Respeck” on his name during a two minute interview, back on April 22. 


A little over a week since his on-air temper tantrum, the 47-year-old Big Tymers rapper sat down with the crew of Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to spill guts on how he truly feels about a number of his detractors including, C Tha God, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne..

Birdman talks Charlamagne, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and Lil Wayne

On Charlamagne :


I think for a few years he’s just been slandering my name, not respecting me. To me as a man, it was deeper than music, so I just wanted to go up there and see what’s happening. Put some respect on my name…

I can understand a man with his opinion, and that’s respectable. But I feel when you’re going off the record and taunting me for years, I feel as a man I’m going to make sure that man respects me as a man. There’s no other way about that.

On Rick Ross:

 Me and Ross were like brothers, everyday hanging together. One of the reasons we came to Miami is because them n***as embraced us. I don’t know what his call was to even get in me and my son’s business, so whatever business me and him have, that’s my son. That sh**’s gonna work itself out.

I have the utmost respect for Ross. I taught him a lot of game in this sh**. He watched my pimping, and he went and did his own thing with it. It threw me off…

I ain’t spoke to him or seen him. If we speak, we speak. I can go the rest of my life not speaking to nobody. I don’t give a f**k about that.


On Lil Wayne:


I think it’s more of a misunderstanding than a money issue. If you knew me, I always gave Wayne everything he ever wanted..

Me and him talk. You best believe that situation is going to work itself out. Our relationship has changed. I always wanted to be part of my son’s life any kind of way possible. That’s important to me. I love him. We’re gonna figure it out.. 

Wayne’s always been his own boss. I never interfered in nothing Wayne wanted to do. I always embraced it. Me not putting out Tha Carter V, why wouldn’t I? I got a lot of money invested in Young Money and Wayne. I want to get some of mine back… I think the world deserves a Carter V. Whatever he wanna do, I’m good with.


On Trick Daddy:


I’m a straight gangsta. That n***a been in my hood. He knows what’s happening with me. I guess a n***a get on the radio and wanna be funny or something. That n***a knows what’s happening with me. Google me. Call anything in the 504, ask about me, and watch what comes up. A straight G. I’m just a hustler. I’m a mastermind…

Ross and Trick, they had their opinion. They said that sh** one time. You ain’t gonna keep hearing that sh**. That n***a on the radio station, he’s been playing with me for three, four years. He’s constantly playing with my name. Find you somebody to play with. That’s all I’m saying.


Birdman talks Charlamagne, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and Lil Wayne


Though the Cash Money Records CEO isn’t too pleased with his Hip-Hop cohorts, he has found a way to make a COIN from his Breakfast Club rant via “Put Some Respeck On My Name,” t-shirts..

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