Birdmans SIDE PIECE serves Keyshia Cole a RESTRAINING ORDER

Keyshia Cole gets SLAPPED with restraining order.
You can take the girl out the HOOD but you can’t take the HOOD RAT out of the girl and Keyshia Cole proves just that when she allegedly DRAGGED boyfriend Birdman’s SIDE PIECE.
Sabrina Mercadel, the alleged side chick, has issued a RESTRAINING ORDER against Keyshia ORDERING that the, “I changed for you,” singer MUST stay 100 yard away.
The order of protection also MANDATES that Keysh Keysh  CANNOT have ANY contact with Sabrina.
According to TMZ, Sabrina Mercadel filed court docs accusing Cole of punching her in the face, slashing her with fingernails and throwing objects at her. Mercadel says her neck and back were hurt — and her finger was so badly damaged … it might be useless for good.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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