Jermaine Dupri talks time B.I.G. held Lil Kim at gunpoint after smashing her sister [VIDEO]



Biggie Smalls once pulled a gun on Lil’ Kim after having sex with the “Big Mama Thang” rapper’s sister, so recalls legendary Hip-Hop producer, Jermaine Dupri, who recently detailed the now decades old assault.


While chopping it up with with Noreaga on Drink Champs, So So Def’s 45-year-old founder spilled guts on witnessing the gone-too-soon Brooklyn G.O.A.T. threaten the life of his on-again-off-again love interest/protege after she refused to record a rap he wrote for her…upon learning of his freak-nasty fling with her sibling.


“So what [Biggie] did was he wrote the rap for Lil’ Kim, and Lil’ Kim at this particular point in time, this was the time B.I.G. I’m thinking, he f**ked Kim’s sister,” Jermaine said as he remember how his and Usher’s “Just Like Me” (1997) studio session was interrupted by the historically tumultuous relationship shared between the hot-headed “Get Money” emcees.

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“This is in the music though. This is in the music,” JD added–presumably referring to B.I.G.’s final verse on “Friend Of Mine,” where he spits, “She’s saying I dissed her ’cause I’m f**king her sister/ a message to the fellas, that really gets them pissed.”

Expanding on the story, Jermaine continued, “And [Kim] found out about it, so she was upset when she came to the studio…and he couldn’t really get her to do the rap.”

Remembering how rapidly the altercation between rap’s Notorious One and the Queen Bee escalated, the Atlanta reppin’ music mogul said, “Me and Usher was just, you know, we was there, young, watching what was going on and B.I.G. pulled the strap out on her.”

Emphasizing the severity of the situation as more than just an empty threat from the Ready Die creator, Jermaine said “he was gonna shoot her,” in no uncertain terms.


So far, Lil Kim has yet to come forward confirming or denying JD’s story.


By : Asia Grace

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