Blac Chyna allegedly tried seizing Rob Kardashian’s Range Rover after messy custody fight


No white flags are being raised in the caustic custody battle between 2017’s foremost finesse goddess, Blac Chyna, and her forlorn baby daddy, Rob Kardashian…


Though a few weeks ago, rumor had it the E! Network flexing former fiancés we’re working towards amicably iron out their differences before their upcoming court hearing over rights to 11-month-old Dream Kardashian… On Friday, the once-poppin pair’s peaceful attempts at co-parenting greatness were thrown left AF when an “agitated” Chyna allegedly tried hijacking Rob’s Range Rover following a heated dispute at a lawyer’s office building.

Eyewitness claim the 29-year-old social media stunner, her attorney Lisa Bloom, and a team of four more legal counselors gathered at the Century City law offices of Laura Wasser, who represents Rob, in the hopes to resolve their back-and-forth baby beefing…


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After hours of fighting–because of which the ex-honeys were said to have made no progress in their parental pursuits– Kris Jenner’s 30-year-old son, according to TMZ, had someone call ahead to have the Range Chyna bought him pulled up to the valet stand, but he wanted to wait until his stacked baby mama bounced before boarding…

Onlookers reportedly charge that a visibly PISSED TF OFF Blac Chyna walked out of the building, peeped Rob’s waiting whip, got inside and prepared to peel off in it, which would have left him stranded..

However, sources say one of her lawyers told her, “That’s not a good idea,” and with the help of a valet, they got the scorned mother of two–who recently debuted her line of Chyna Dolls– out of Rob’s ride.

Clearing up the confusion, Lisa Bloom says her curvaceously-cakey client did NOT try to drive away in the Range Rover… nor dis she get inside.

Acknowledging that Chyna was in fact “agitated” after seeing the luxury vehicle she gifted Rob– who gave her a Ferrari and a Lambo… both big boy toys she supposedly gave back to him when they broke up, while he held onto the Rover–Lisa said the most anger the ex-stripper exhibited was uttering some “choice words” over his continued possession of her pricy present..

Lisa also said their custody hearing, scheduled for next month, is a total go… Adding that she plans to raise allegations that Rob subjected Chyna to domestic violence.


By : Asia Grace
Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_
Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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