Blac Chyna reclaims Rob Kardashian’s Range Rover; family making his $20K support payments


Financial gains and a shiny black Range are just a few more blessings Blac Chyna can now add to her list of 2017 wins, as the social media vixen-turned-Kardashian klan spirit crusher has officially regained possession of the Range Rover she allegedly tried stealing from Rob K….


On the high heels of being accused of choking her 30-year-old baby daddy with an iPhone charger cable, repeatedly striking him in the head, and causing over $100K to his Kylie Jenner rental property, Chyna is now backing up over those claims in the newly recouped high-end automobile her famed attorney, Lisa Bloom, helped her recover from Rob on Thursday.


“Thank you Lisa Bloom” captioned Dream Kardashian’s 29-year-old mommy on a Snap Chat picture of herself and the lawyer proudly standing in front of the repossessed Range she previously gifted her ex-fiancé— an image Lisa reposted via her social media account with the quote “you got it sister.”

Back in August, an “agitated” Chyna—who recently secured a $20K/ a month child support payment from Rob, with whom she agreed to share joint custody of their 10-moth old daughter—allegedly attempted to highjack the luxury whip from valet parking after a contentious meeting between her and the Kardashian at his lawyer’s Century City office.

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As previously reported on Cheekywiki, following their heated meeting, the ex-crowd pleaser was said to have peeped the Rover waiting outside for Rob, angrily hopped inside the vehicle and prepared to dip off, leaving him stranded.

At the time, B.C. reportedly felt justified in reclaiming the expensive car as she—immediately following their messy break up—returned the Ferrari and Lamborghini Rob gifted her.

Deading those claims, however, Lisa—who, elsewhere, is representing Usher Raymond’s herpes accusers as well as Kevin Hart’s sex tape partner, Montia Sabagg— said her slim thick reality TV starring client merely uttered some “choice words” out of anger over Rob’s continued possession of the vehicle.

As for the seven figure revenge porn settlement Chyna is still seeking against Rob, she may have to wait as the George Arthur sock creator is said to be “broke” and making his child support payments with money fronted by the Kardashians.

His coined up family, according to TMZ, has been cutting his checks for Dream as they want to maintain a strong relationship with bundle of joy and ensure her needs—i.e. nannies, developmental tools, baby necessities….things they fear Chyna is unable to provide on her own—are met.

Luckily for Rob, he can always go back to court and ask for a modification of child support based on his income or lack thereof, reducing the monthly money he has to give to Chyna.


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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