Blasting Bardi: Azelia Banks says Cardi B is “NOT that girl” [VIDEO]



“I’m that girl. Nicki Minaj is that girl. Remy Ma is that girl. Cardi B is not that girl,” Azealia Banks said, trolling her “Foreva” flowing foe, yet again.

On the bloody-shoe heels of dubbing Hip-Hop’s most celebrated stripper-turned-chart topper a “poor man’s Nicki Minaj,” Azealia is now reinforcing her stance on Cardi B’s unworthy praise and promotion in the industry.

Though the chicken-slaying “212” rapper–who recently called Cardi  a “crumb” for featuring on track “Motorsport” alongside Nicki–acknowledges CB for contributing a welcomed air of amusement to the culture, she quickly negates complement by comparing the 25-year-old Bronx native to Iggy Azalea, alleging her accolades are all “being paid for,” and dragging her for not innately housing “that fire” most respected female emcees embody.

“Dont get me wrong I’m very entertained by Cardi B, and I really like ‘Bodak Yellow’ like it’s a really good song, but you are not that girl,” Azealia said. “It’s just the truth, it’s just the truth you know what I’m saying?”

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She continued, “I’m not trying to take anything from you, but you’re just like, you know its like this female rap thing is like a linage its a real fire that burns in a soul, you don’t have that fire, I’m very happy for your success and I love your come up and I love like seeing you smile and having a good time, but this women’s expression […] just the fire of the black women’s expression, Cardi, you don’t have it, and you won’t get it, because it’s not you.”

Drawing a line between the whirlwind successes of the newly engaged “Gangsta B***h” rhymer–who accepted a $500K teardrop shaped ring from Migos megastar, Offset, on Oct. 27–and rap’s Australia-born “Fancy” spitter, Azealia then said, “We’ve seen the movie before, it’s called Iggy Azalea.”

She added, “I know exactly what you guys do. You buy a No. 1. You buy a Grammy. It’s all being paid for. I’m not at all trying to take anything away from you. Sh**, I’d f**king love if someone paid for me to f**king get an award. That’s great, but I’m that girl. Nicki Minaj is that girl. Remy Ma is that girl. Cardi B is not that girl. Iggy Azalea is not that girl.”

Elsewhere in her interview, Azealia called out men in Hip-Hop for egging on the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, and said their verbal confrontation made both women look “really bad.”



By : Asia Grace

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