Bobby Shmurda’s lawyer says his BROKE rap friends have NOT helped him in jail  [VIDEO]  


Bobby Shmurda’s lawyer said that NONE of his rap homies have held him down during his stint in prison.



The “Shmoney Dance” captain’s legal rep, Kenneth Montgomery, recently SPILLED to Doggie Diamonds on how none of his client’s industry friends have reached out to help him during his time of need…


When asked if any big name emcee’s have asked how they can help Bobby, Kenneth quickly SPAT, “No.”

“To be honest, these rappers don’t have any money. So, what are they really going to do?”

He continued, “these rappers aren’t millionaires, they’re personalities and brands. They have endorsement deals, they take out loans, they don’t own their masters, they have a lot of tax issues…but they’re living the lifestyle.”


Kenneth continued SHADING rappers who’ve done covers of Bobby’s hit track “Hot Boy,” because he feels it’s unfair because he can’t access any money his music is making whilst behind bars…



During his interview, Kenneth also spilled on Bobby’s case, his bail status, and how he’s holdin it down in jail.


SKIP TO 11:30 mark to hear Bobby’s lawyer speak about his phony rapper friends.

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