Body Bags: Blac Chyna claims Rob Kardashian has $100K weight loss surgery

Blac Chyna’s super snatched tummy wasn’t the only belly—between her and Rob’s—to have benefited from the masterful hands of skilled surgeons, as the thick vixen claims her even thicker ex-fiancé elected for a pricy weight loss procedure, before lying about slimming down through diet and exercise.

As the 29-year-old would’ve been Mrs. Kardashian continues pursuing legal action against her baby daddy and his whole-azz family, she alleges the Kardashian King secretly went under the knife in order to achieve a trimmer body..

In legal documents, obtained by the DailyMail, Chyna (real name Angela White)—who’s currently in the throes of a revenge porn case against Rob for publicizing her nudes and private medical information during a heated online exchange—reveals Rob “underwent weight loss surgery that cost $100,000, whereas Ms White’s surgery was for a lesser amount.”

Blac Chyna’s filings come in response to Rob’s messy share of images taken moments before she opted for cosmetic surgery, shortly after giving birth to their daughter Dream Kardashian, over the summer.

“Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all that weight after the baby and she lies to everyone but no I’m such a great Husband that on our anniversary I paid 100K to do this surgery to get all everything fixed as much as they could,” Rob captioned in an Instagram post, back in June.

“And then guess what she did after she was all healed when I was by her side the entire time. She left me and my baby which she had out of spite to get back at her other baby daddy. I can’t believe u would disrespect me like this,” he wrote.

Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian weight loss
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Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian weight loss

Retorting with her version of events, BC’s statement reads, “Ms. White underwent minor cosmetic procedures including a breast and butt reduction as well as a small amount of liposuction around her belly button.”

The docs continue, “Ms. White is a well known social media influencer and trendsetter who professionally endorses health, lifestyle, and diet products in her Instagram and Twitter accounts.”

Noting the negative effects Rob’s posts had on the digital entrepreneur’s dealings, her paperwork adds, “Accordingly, the manner in which Rob Kardashian revealed Ms White’s personal medical information jeopardized Ms White’s endorsement deals with several weight loss, fitness and diet companies – that all pay Ms White to promote their products on social media.”
As previously reported on Cheekywiki, Chyna is believed to be seeking a seven figure amour from her former sweetheart, in light of his social media transgression.

So far, Rob Kardashian has neither confirmed or denied tea he’s had weight loss surgery.


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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