Boiled Ribs: Kevin Hart addresses sex/extortion “sh**”; promises to do better


Philandering rib-lover, Kevin Hart, promises to be a “better man” in light of his super sticky sex-tortion scandal with pole-pleasing side piece, Montia Sabbag.


In the week since publicly apologizing to pregnant wife, Eniko Hart, for allowing himself to fall victim to carnal desires, which ultimately led to his entanglement in an extortion attempt— spurred by “sexually suggestive” footage— the 38-year-old Laugh At My Pain comedian addressed the “sh**” he’s dealing with during a stand-up performance, over the weekend, and thanked fans for supporting him through his explosive controversy.

“We got a lot of s**t to talk about, people,” Kevin—who is said to be “aggressively” helping authorities catch the culprits responsible for secretly filming his sexual encounter with Montia in a Las Vegas hotel, last month—said to his Atlanta-based crowd on Saturday.

Closing the show with a moment of sincere gratitude, the Ride Along actor profusely thanked fans for showing him love, despite his personal trials, and vowed to use the struggly situation as motivation for self-improvement.


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And while Kev and his expecting new bride, who married in 2016, have appeared as a untied front since word of his wandering eggplant went public, sources connected to Eniko tell PEOPLE she feels “embarrassed” and “let down” by the man who openly deemed her his “rib.”

Though “She can’t trust him,” according to insiders, “She is adamant about working through it. She won’t give up on their marriage.”

As for the investigation into Kevin’s extortion case, a judge reportedly signed off on several search warrants that were immediately served to parties believed to be behind the request for a 7 figure payout in exchange for the “suggestive” video’s burial, last week.

According to TMZ, the information and items seized by law enforcement have already yielded results… with one of the key items being phone records, while computer hard drives and other electronics are also being carefully examined.


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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