Bone Crusher says NEW rappers cause RACE of RETARDATION


Rapper Bone Crusher did a SLIGHT COME FOR the rap lords we HERALD in today’s hip hop world.


“People are starting to not even rap no more. They’re starting to mumble on songs… Now you’re getting a race of retardation.”


CLEARLY blaming rappers like Chief Keef, Lil B, and Young Thug, the FAT AF rapper that, Ain’t “Never Scared,” says today’s “rappers,” LACK creativity and are grooming their audience to be retarted.
“We’re not being more creative. We’re now dumbing down. Once you start dumbing down something that needs to be creative, you start to lose,” bumped Bone Crusher to VladTV.
He does however give MAD creativity CRED to rapper Macklemore.
After STORMING into the rap game with songs like, “Same Love” or his NEW JOINT, “Thrift Shop,” WHITE ASS Macklemore has DOMINATED hip hop and SNATCHED UP hella rap accolades.
Crusher says, “He just came in with a creative product that sounds good and he’s winning. You can’t get mad at him for that. You only get mad cause you didn’t do it.”
Do you think black rappers today are “mumbling” audiences into a race of retardation?

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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