Boy, Make Good Decisions: Kodak Black accused of assaulting Miami strip club worker

Perhaps your man, Kodak Black, hit the nail on the head when he spit, “Kodak, they don’t want to see you winning, they want to see you in the penitentiary,” on smash single “Tunnel Vision,” as new criminal accusations are being hurled at the currently incarcerated Hip-Hop rookie’s Bantu-knotted head. 


The 19-year-old Sunshine State bred spitter–who’s on lock down for violating the terms of his probation–is learning just how cold the world can be as newly filed legal documents accuse him of punching and kicking a Miami-Dade strip club employee. 


According to a police incident report, obtained by the Sun-Sentinel on Tuesday, Jennifer Cunningham, a 34-year-old bartender of Club Climaxxx, claims she fell victim to Kodak’s “belligerent” behavior while she worked her shift in the wee hours of February 2. 
In her filings, homegirl says the “No Flockin” rhymer approached her… and when she asked him to back off, he “hit her in the forehead with his right arm.” 



Kodak black assault
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Jennifer claims she reacted by pushing him away…which allegedly caused the Painting Pictures emcee to pummel her body with a slew of punches and kicks.


When shorty returned to work at 8:00 PM that same evening, she called the police and made a report against Kodak. 


The presumed offense in the case is misdemeanor battery and a detective has reportedly been assigned to look into the rapper’s alleged assault. 
A court date has been set for April 19, when a judge will likely decide whether Kodak is released or sentenced to more jail time.
Lawyers for Jennifer suggest that their client may file a civil suit against Kodak as she “suffered injuries that were physical in nature that resulted in medical treatment.”
So whether it’s serving more time in the clink, coughing up bags from the stash, or both, Kodak will likely have to pay up for his supposed sins one way or another…
By : Asia Grace        

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

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