Brag Different: Jay-Z and Beyoncè become Hip-Hop’s first official billion-dollar baes


Though Blue Ivy’s incoming twin siblings were already poised to pop culture’s most litty little dynamic duo solely based on the high-rolling status of their “Drunk In Love” crooning parents, it seems all of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kiddies will have solid rights to the title of celebrity billion-dollar babies… as the powerful pair has just been officially dubbed Hip-Hop’s first billionaire couple.



When HOV cleared his verse on Jermaine DuPri’s smash classic, “Money Ain’t A Thing” back in 1998, it’s likely the Brooklyn native had no way of knowing that in less than two decades his lyrics would have come into fruition thanks to the combined talented efforts of him and his 20-time Grammy Award winning wifey.
According to Forbes’ list of America’s Wealthiest Self-Made Women–released today–Baddie Bey has amassed personal fortune of $350 million.
The 35-year-old lusty Lemonade luminary’s financial blessings, coupled with her 47-year-old hubby’s $810 million in total assets, means the #LifeGoals giving Carters enjoy a combined net worth of $1.6 BILLION and counting..


Jay-z Beyoncé billion dollar couple
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Though both the “One The Run” masterminds have made obscene amounts of coin individually, the bulk of the squad’s wealth is said to be tied up in Jigga man’s companies–Roc Nation, Armand de Brignac, etc…
With Jay-Z–who recently earned himself the No. 2 slot behind Diddy on Forbes’ Most Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist list– signing a $200 million ten-year touring deal with Live Nation last week and Sprint’s reported $200 million investment into the rapper’s music streaming service, Tidal (of which both he and Yonce hold significant equity), which boosted the company’s value to $600 million… The pockets of the expecting parents are comfortably resting well past the ten-figure mark..


As for Bey, when asked how she continues to dominate there game across the board, the heralded queen told Forbes, “I’m never satisfied. I’ve never met anyone that works harder than me in my industry.”
By : Asia Grace

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