BRAVO and PORSHA: Release OFFICIAl statements


“U may not have a peach but u still sweet,” tweeted #RHOA star MUVA NeNe Leakes in support of her “lil sis,” Porsha Williams.
On Oct. 1 fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta wanted to VOMIT at the news that the ditzy but lovable MUVA Porsha Williams was DEMOTED from “housewife” to “house friend” losing her PEACH and main character status.
Though many #RHOA are NOT HERE for losing the show’s SEXIEST MUVA, Porsh Porsh seems to be in good spirits about the CHANGE UP despite the fact she feels Bravo, “blindsided,” her.


She released her official statement via her other COIN maker, TV show, DISH Nation:
“This is not an easy time for me right now, but I want let everyone to know that I loved being a ‘Housewife’ on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I am thankful for Bravo for the opportunity but it’s not goodbye, you will see me on the show throughout the season sharing and bonding with the other women and I promise to stay connected with my fans as I start an exciting new time in my life.
After a long season of filming, and giving my all, I was blindsided by the announcement from the network that I was demoted from ‘Housewife Status,’ but would remain on the show in a ‘Friend’ capacity.”


“Unfortunately, I can only be PORSHA, and portraying anything else, would not be genuine nor honest. This moment is bittersweet, but God has been so amazing to me, and I think this is a perfect time for me to spread my wings, and finally focus on all of my upcoming projects.
In addition to having my recurring role on RHOA, I will be able to focus my attention on my career as an Entertainment Correspondent on DISH NATION on the Fox Network, recording my album, building my businesses, and taking baby steps towards nurturing my relationship with my new love!!!
This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and I will be giving my fans & supporters another chance to watch my growth as I take on the world in my own special way very soon!! I am so Thankful for all that #TEAMPORSHA does to keep me INSPIRED every day! Stay Tuned…”
Very sweet and mature PORSH.
We reported, while filming seasons 7 of Real Housewives, Porsha allegedly kept the show’s producers at ARMS LENGTH; thus, leaving them with LITTLE TO NO storyline for her. All that and some “attidue” are the alleged reasons why MUVA is now HouseFRIEND.
“taking baby steps towards nurturing my relationship with my new love!!!”
We FEEL the term “baby steps” references a pic she posted on her IG of Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean McCoy which she captioned “#baby steps. She later DELETED the pic.


Porsha wasn’t the only one BUMPING her gums about her demotion.
Our favorite cable channel BRAVO also did a LIGHT SPILL the drama and hierarchy of the upcoming season of #RHOA.
According to Bravo’s press release:
“NeNe has embarked on several professional pursuits: she’s starred in Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity, launched a clothing line, and is prepping for her Broadway debut in Cinderella. Kandi Burruss is ready to expand her family with her new husband Todd Tucker, but faces unexpected road blocks along the way. Kenya Moore is also pursuing her dreams of starting a family while Porsha Stewart has joined a popular local television show as an entertainment correspondent.
But there is still plenty of drama brewing among the circle of women—and their families. Cynthia and NeNe will attempt to rebuild their friendship after having a falling out—and in one emotionally charged scene, we see NeNe fighting to hold back tears. Phaedra Parks is also struggling with raising her two boys after husband Apollo Nida was incarcerated—and he isn’t going quietly after he discovers his wife is allegedly dating a new man.
Porsha Williams will recur as a friend of the Housewives alongside newcomer actress-singer Demetria McKinney. The new season, which is sure to be filled with plenty of drama if the trailer above is any indication, kicks off on Sunday, November 9 at 8 p.m.”
MUVA will be missed.


listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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