Breezy calls TMZ Editor Satan

Chris Brown refers to Harry Levin, Editor of TMZ, as the Father of Lies. 
Breeze was quick to OPENLY call Levin, “The Devil,” after the salacious entertainment news company broke the story of Chris SHOVING a female fan SO HARD it looked like she was sent BACK IN TIME TO THE DAYS OF SLAVERY. 
Here’s what CB said:

Obvi the news of FAVA Brown CURVING a fan, and more importantly, assaulting ANOTHER woman CAN only hurt his already tattered rep, but we see NO NEED for him to add NAME CALLING to his list of infractions.
 If TMZ hadn’t broke the story, SOME ZAMN BODY, would have.
Heauxs LIVE for the TEA, Chris and his BIPOLAR disorder STAY in the MIX; thus, some unsavory stories are BOUND to surface.
It’s a recipe for disaster. 
Sorry bae.  

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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