Chance The Rapper spills on learning of his brother’s bisexuality via Twitter



“I didn’t know about it until Twitter,” Chance The Rapper said of his younger brother bisexuality.


At the top of the year, Chano’s equally talented baby bro, Taylor Bennet, joined the growing number of prolific Hip-Hop figures in the promotion of tolerance and acceptance within the genre by coming out via social media.


“Growing up I’ve always felt indifferent about my sexuality & being attracted 2 one sex & today I would like to openly come out to my fans,” Taylor tweeted back in January. “I do recognize myself as a bisexual male & do & have always openly supported the gay community & will keep doing so in 2017.”


During a recent sit down with HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning, Chicago’s 24-year-old “Cocoa Butter Kisses” spitter spilled guts on learning of his sibling’s previously closeted sexual orientation along with the rest of the digital world…


“We honestly didn’t talk about it until after he put it out on Twitter,” Chance revealed on-air. “…We have the closest bond I have with anybody on this earth just because he’s my brother. We’re the same dude, we do all the same things.”

After explaining that Taylor publicly announced his bisexuality during a family vacation in Malibu, the “No Problem” boomer commended his 21-year-old “Grown up Fairy Tales” rhyming brother for using social media to unbridledly uncover his truth.


“It’s cool that he could tell everybody via the internet and kind of blunt the impact of having to come straight to me and my mom and having a sit down conversation,” Chance said. “We’re just in a world where Twitter carries the kind of weight that telling a million people does.”


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When asked if he blessed Taylor with any brotherly words of advice following is courageous admission to the masses, the Grammy Award winner acknowledged his kid sib for being an adult and choosing to do what was best for him…


“I think he did the right thing. Everybody has their own path and I think what he did was stronger than most people. I kind of just stepped back and more so admired him than tried to be like damage control on the situation,” he said.

Elsewhere in his interview, Chance revealed his mentor, Kanye West, is working on a new album…and spilled that he was 100% in favor of his fellow Chi-Town native’s infamously controversial booty-bleaching line on TLOP track, “Father Stretch My Hands.”
“The last time I saw Kanye West, my daughter was hanging out with his son, so, I don’t care about his political affiliations, I wouldn’t bring up Donald Trump,” Chance served. “The bleached a**hole I do care about and I do care about it in terms of, I was trying to push that sh*t. When the song plays, people don’t sing the Kid Cudi part that loud. People don’t sing any part of that song as loud as they sing, ‘Now if I f*** this model and she just bleached her a**hole,’ Like, that’s what people say super loud. Super loud. He didn’t make that up. He didn’t invent that trend.”



By : Asia Grace

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