Bumpy Rider: Usher’s wife reportedly ignoring his $20 million herpes lawsuit


Usher Raymond’s bride is NOT going to allow the “Burn” bellower’s $20 million STD lawsuit to cause their marriage to go up in flames…


While a herpes diagnosis can arguably be one of the most damaging mood killers in a romantic relationship, buzz on the block has it that the allegedly infected 38-year-old R&B veteran’s spouse of two years, Grace Miguel, is turning a blind eye to rumors her hubby passed his puss-filled bumps along to a side piece claiming to have contracted the virus during their multiple sexual encounters throughout early 2017.

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Loose-lipped sources connected to Mr. And Mrs. “U Got It Bad,” tell TMZ that Grace isn’t giving legal documents filed by the unnamed woman–who’s attempting to secure hella bags for emotional harm, medical bills, and punitive damages–any attention due homegirl’s questionable history with her husband…

Insiders allege Usher’s coin-seeking complainant was a close friend of his first wife, Tameka Foster, and attended their 2007 wedding.

The “You Make Me Wanna” singer and his new boo are said to believe his sick mistress has some long-seeded anger against him, which is causing her to vigorously come after his well-padded pockets.

At this point, Usher has not made any public statements concerning his supposed STD status nor has Grace’s exposure to the disease in question been revealed…


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_
Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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