Bye Chy??: Rob Kardashian reportedly dating Bad Girls Club’s Mehgan James



From Instagram’s bad b***h to television’s baddest girl, Rob Kardashian is said to have officially moved on from his contemptuous on-again-off-again relationship with Blac Chyna..

Word on the curb has it Kim Kardashian and her coin-heavy crew of surgically enhanced sissies have a new attack target to aim their fiery shade darts towards as their 30-year-old brother is rumored to be  dating former Bad Girls Club/ Basketball Wives vixen, Mehgan James. 




On the heels of Rob openly professing his affections for “the woman I love and the mother of my child,” via a since-deleted Instagram post dedicated to his 29-year-old voluptuous ex-fiancé, sources connected to the high-end sock pusher claim he and Mehgan have been “getting close” over the past few months. 



“Rob’s been seeing Mehgan James for almost three months, and most of the Kardashians are very upset about it because Mehgan is known for being out of control and volatile,” an insider spilled to In Touch. “The Kardashians want Rob to find a woman who is kind and calm.”
As for the reality TV star, a Chatty Patty know-it-all told People, “Mehgan is living for this moment right now,” and added “[She’s] been supporting Rob and his business for some time now.”


Rob kardashian Mehgan James

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Rob and Chyna shocked the world with a surprise engagement back in April 2016 and welcome their daughter, Dream Kardashian, in November of that year. 

In the months since, the intimate details of the messy relationship between the E! Network starting honeys–complete with screaming matches, cheating accusations, mini breakups– unfolded via their reality series and on social media. 

Sources connected to the crumbling star-crossed couple previously stated, “Chyna is super fed up with Rob and thinks he is way too emotional and depressed. She thinks he has terrible issues. He is always battling his own insecurities and is unstable. It’s a major turn-off to her, and she thinks it’s incredibly unhealthy for the baby and their family.”

So far, neither Rob nor Mehgan have confirmed their alleged romance. 

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