Cam’ron spills on his DEADED relationship with Jim Jones, legal beef with Love & Hip Hop, and more

All die-hard Dipset fans are in for the heartbreak of a life time as Cam’Ron has made it clear that he has NO interest in resolving his longstanding beef with his ex-rap homie, Jim Jones. 


On Thursday, the 40-year-old “Really Mean It,” lyricist took his talents to the Angie Martinez radio show where he spilled guts on his permanent estrangement from Capo, his lingering legal issues with the overseers of Love and Hip Hop and so much more.

“I don’t really mess with Jim no more,” Killa firmly proclaimed when asked if he and Jim could ever reconcile their differences in effort to one day reunite as respected members of their legendary Hip-Hop collective. 


“Jim puts a lot of things publicly, you know what I’m saying… If it’s a problem, you got my phone number, you can call me and we can resolve it,” he said. 
“Once you start taking things to social media and radio and making things public, I gotta curve. And it just kept happening repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly,” the Harlem World native added before comparing his and Jimmy’s parting of ways to that of the cast of The Cosby Show.  

“Bill Cosby don’t hang with the ‘Rudy’ no more…the show’s over […] “Its sad. I’m sorry to disappoint people,” the “Down and Out,” rhymer said flatly. 


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While explaining his and Jim’s beef– apparently sparked by a lack of one-on-one communication between the two men– Cam revealed that the “We Fly High,” rapper isn’t from Harlem (despite his career long claims to the neighborhood in Manhattan) and that Jim–who he referred to as the Diplomats’ “hype man”– didn’t come around until the business side of their musical endeavors began to pop off in the late 90s. 



After declaring that he would NEVER again be involved in any further discussions concerning Jim Jones, Killa expressed his undying love for the rapper’s family and wished him, “nothing but the best.”

Earlier in the interview, Cam spoke candidly about discontent with the Love And Hip Hop franchise using his likeness to promote the new season of LHHNY… 

“Mona [Scott Young{ has been asking me for years to come on the show and I’m just never gonna do that show,” the microphone slayer confessed before explaining that he merely agreed to make a few cameo appearances on the series as favors to his reality TV starting homies and girlfriend, JuJu. 

“They exploiting me like I’m on the show every week,” the platinum selling rapper– who is admittedly considering legal action against L&HH and its production company(s) on the grounds of deceit– angrily served. “It’s no reason to do that. I already did you a favor by being on the show, just send the money,” he added. 



By : Asia Grace  

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki          


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