Cam’Ron says he had NO parts in excluding  Jim Jones from Drake’s Summer Sixteen show


Anybody with two working ears and access to Instagram is already aware of the dissension in the ranks between Dipset rhymers Killa Cam’Ron and Jim Jones..
While Hip-Hop heads went absolutely ape-sh** when Drake invited the Dip squad to perform some of their classic hits on the last night of his Summer Sixteen tour stop in NYC, many rap enthusiasts threw on the confused emoji face (🤔) when Jimmy was spotted in the audience and NOT on the Madison Square Garden stage alongside his Harlem world cohorts.

Many fans of the Hip-Hop collective automatically assumed that Killa had everything to do with Capo being excluded from Dipset’s moment in the sun with Drizzy.
While choppin it up with ThisIs50, Cam made it clear that he had NO say in who touched the OVO leader’s tour stage and claims to have NO interest in going to war with the “We Fly High,” rhymer–who he still considers family despite their issues.
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cam'ron jim jones
“It’s not my show,” Cam’ron said laughing when asked why Jim didn’t join himself and Juelz Santana in performing their classics. “I don’t conduct the show. It’s not Cam presents Drake. Juelz called me and said Drake called him and wanted us to come out to the show. It’s that simple.”
He added, “I didn’t even speak to Drake but on the stage,” before revealing that he didn’t even know Jim Jones was in the audience on the night in question.
The “Hey Ma,” spitter then went on to say that regardless of their conflicts–stemming from his decision to cut Jim’s verse out of a Diplomats track–he’s not HERE for going head to head with the former Love and Hip Hop New York star based on their longstanding history.


“As hard as I go on somebody else I wouldn’t go hard on Jim like that cause that’s still my man…you know I go to war with anybody, I’m not doing it with him, so whether he was there or not, it didn’t matter to me.”
He continued, “At the end of the day, my personal thing with Jim is just like, every family got issues or whatever,” Cam drops . “My thing it’s not for everybody to know, and to me, it just puts a lot of things out publicly that can be solved with a phone call.”

By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_     


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