Caping For Cosby: Keshia Knight Pulliam continues support for Bill Cosby [VIDEO] 


“It was important for me to be there because at the end of the day, I believe you’re innocent until proven guilty. And that’s not the man that I ever experienced,” Hollywood honey, Keshia Knight Pulliam, said of her decision to publicly support her defamed TV dad, Bill Cosby, in his sexual assault trial…

Earlier this month, the  38-year-old Emmy Award nominated Cosby Show star proudly escorted America’s formerly favored father into a Pennsylvania courtroom to stand for the opening arguments of the prosecution and the defense as the 79-year-old comedian opposed his rape accuser, Andrea Constand.

While chopping it up with Today on Wednesday, Keshia–who, on June 5, allegedly skipped a scheduled weekly visit between her 6-month-old daughter and her estranged ex-NFL balling hubby, Ed Hartwell, in order to support Cosby on the first day of his trial–fiercely defended her unwavering loyalty to Bill despite the detailed testimonies of the over 50 women who’ve made assault claims against him… And his own admission to having plied his many extramarital conquests with drugs before engaging in sexual acts.


“I thought about it, how would I want to be treated if I was in that situation?,” Keshia spilled to the NBC morning show host panel. “And the true test of family, of friendship, of loyalty comes [at that moment].”

She added, “It’s easier to be there for someone when business is good, when money is good, all these things. I just felt like I wanted to do what I would have wanted to receive.”

And while the new mom and Spellman College graduate made it clear that she does NOT condone sexual assault, she did say that if Cosby is found guilty of the crime, the verdict will not change the “love” she has for the man she considers “family.”

“You know, I’m going to have to cross that bridge when I come to it,” the award winning actress said of her on-screen papa’s potential fate. “I’ll be disappointed. However, it won’t change the love. When you have family, people falter, people make mistakes…But he’s a person, a father, a husband, a parent. Someone’s son.”

Keshia Knight Pulliam Bill Cosby
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Speaking to Bill’s overall demeanor in the midst of his trial, the girl who gave life to 80s sitcom cutie, Rudy Huxtable, said, “I can’t speak to this exact moment, but my interactions with him, he’s been in good spirits. He’s been upbeat.”

Keshia continued, “Knowing Mr. Cosby is to know, he’s a comedian. There’s that sense of laughter. And I was grateful to see his spirit hadn’t been broken as a result of this process,” adding, “It’s arduous. There’s nothing happy or good for either side. It’s not a good situation.”

Touching on the previously heralded Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient’s confessed infidelities against his wife of 53 years, Camille Cosby, Keshia said, “I feel like this: Everyone has their own experiences and things they’ve done, you know, whether they’re proud of them or not. And he’s clear, yes, he has been unfaithful to his wife. And that piece is between the two of them.”

She went on, “And the only people who know what happened, were the two people in the room at that time. And ultimately, if [Camille] chooses to forgive him for those things, that’s between the two of them. And it’s just a hard situation, however you toss it, however you slice it, however you look at it. It’s not a favorable situation.”

Unfortunately for Keshia, her demonstration of loyalty to Cosby, seems to have birthed an unfavorable situation in her baby battle with Ed Hartwell as the 39-year-old former Atlanta Falcons linebacker recently filed legal documents requesting she be held in contempt for violating the terms of a court order by trampling his visitation rights with their newborn little girl.

According to the papers, obtained by TMZ, Ed–who’s been accused by Keisha of skipping several child support payments– says he only gets to see their daughter, Ella Grace, for one hour twice a week, but Keshia traveled out of Georgia with the baby to be by Cosby’s side in PA on the day of his visit.
Homeboy not only wants an immediate make-up visit with his kid, but he’s also demanding Keshia be forced to cover all court and lawyer fees for this.


As for Bill Cosby, the jury overseeing in his sexual assault case has yet to come back with a guilty or innocent verdict.


By : Asia Grace

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